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 We Lost Another Ship Mate the 24th of December Ed Collins Christmas Eve, Rest in Peace ship mate, we have the watch, you will be missed.


USS Okanogan APA 220  ( Commissioned Dec 3rd 1944_Decommissioned Feb 5th 1970 ) WW2, Korean Conflict, Cuban Missle Crisis, Vietnam War.


"Exciting News" " our launching bottle has been found Click HERE!


Frank Jablonski (RD2, 05/59 to 7/62) has published a book "Okanogan's Dash" A book about the Okanogan, go to links and a link there will take you to where it is sold.


UP DATE  2021 Reunion will be held in Colorado Springs, I will post more info later. Hope to see all of you there.   


 Hope every one is surviving the "virus" stay safe, stay healthy and shelter in place. 


 2019 Hersey Pa Reunion

 1. Morris Litwack,  2. Dave Meierhoff,  3. Dick Palazzolo,  4. Cliff Perkins,  5. Gordon Arnspiger,  6. Dan Kessler,  7. Ed Collins,

 8. Tom Kiander,  9. Joe Mascal,  10. Don Dowden,  11. Barry White  12. Bob Christopherson,  13. Steve Lenarz, 1 4. Bill Greer,

15. John Patterson,  16. Larry Cleveland,  17. Emmitt Hayes,  18. Tom Schaefer,  19. Chuck Haglund,   20, Garry Mulick,  21. Colin Carney,

22. Franky Singleton,  23, Eddie Janek,  24, Ray Puleo,  25, Herb Potter,  26. Richard Holloway,  27. Larry Black,  28, Orville Heil.




 2018 Grand Rapids Mich Reunion


Left to right back row

Richard Gorte, Doc Perkins, Ed Collins, Emmett Hays, Dan Keasler, Chuck Haglund, Jim Williams, Richard Keel, Larry Black, Don Lazarus, Malcolm Warnholtz, Tom Schaefer, Norm, Haskay, Joe Mascal

2nd Row

Morris Litwaek, Franky Singleton, Gordon Arnspiger, Bill Greer, John Patterson, Garry Mulick, Ken Reeves

Front Row

Dave Meievhoff, Dick Palazzolo, Don Dowdon



2017 Reunion in Boise, ID

2016 Reunion in Jacksonville, FL

2015 Reunion in San Antonio

Top Row: Hershel Vance, John Bayless, Garry Mulick, Jim Barr, Carl Champ, John Patterson, Malcom Warnholtz, Joe Mills, J D Foster, Tom Schafer, Ed Collins. 2nd Row: Larry Black, Emmett Hayes, Milt Watchers, Bill Acheson, Tom Kiander, Jack Donnell, Bob Christopherson, Dan Keasler, Larry Keasler, Don Lazarus. 3rd Row: Frank Jablonski, Luke Loukas, Chuck Haglund, Norm Laskay, Dick Palazzolo, Richard Oglesby, Walt Polinski, Cliff Perkins, Bill Greer. Bottom Row: Colin Carney, Richard Keel, Ed Janek, Dave Meierhoff, Joe Mascal, Don Laborde, Don Dowden. ( Missing from photo--Dave Emmons and Leo Lackner)

2014 Reunion in Portland

1 Dan Keasler 2 Walt Polinski 3 Frank Rhodes 4 Richard Coakes 5 Larry Cleveland 6 John Trolinger 7 Frank Jablonski 8 Dave Meierhof 9 Colin Carney 10 Garry Mulick 11 Dick Palazzolo 12 Jim Barr 13 Harv Hochhalter 14 Ed Collins 15 Chuck Hagland 16 Don Gudgel 17 Bob Parker 18 Steve Lenarz 19 Larry Black 20 Norm Laskay 21 Rich Gorte 22 Emmet Hayes 23 John Bayless 24 Eddie Janek 25 Larry Sandavol 26 Jim Wright 27 Dan Foster 28 Don La Borde 29 Milton Watchers 30 Joe Miscall 31 Tom Schaefer 32 Tom Kiander 33 Don Dowden 34 Jack Donnell 35 John Patterson 36 Richard Keel 37 Don Lytle 38 Maurice O’Brien. Missing: Don Barber, Carl Champ, Lyle Heigl, Leo Lackner, Jim Mitchell, Cliff Perkins, Jim Wright

2013 Reunion in Charleston

Click HERE for pictures of previous reunions