Blue Flower


OKIE History

The last 3 months or first 3 months of just about any given year seem to be the busiest for the Okie.

Oct - Dec, 1944: The launch and commisioning.
Feb, 1945: First deployment.
Fast forward ahead to Oct., 1050: Wonson
Dec, 1950: Chinampo
Jan, 1951: Troops to Inchon
Oct, 1951: Airmen to Yokohama.
Dec, 1952: Return to Long Beach
Fast forward again to Feb, 1960: Depart Long Beach for WesPac
Oct, 1960: Large scale exercise in Formosa (Tiawan)
Oct, 1962: En route to Caribbean for Cuban Blockade
Dec, 1962: Return to Long Beach
Oct - Nov, 1965: DaNang, Vietnam
Dec, 1965: Return to Long Beach
Nov, 1966: Station ship again in DaNang

Hope this brings back good memories.......

from the desk of the Okie Historian,

Colin Carney